Agendas are posted forty-eight (48) prior to a meeting and are posted at 8 different locations that are official posting places for the Town.  The following are those locations:

  • Town Hall (posted in Window)
  • The Shack Bulletin Board
  • The Wagon Wheel Steakhouse Bulletin Board
  • Main Street Market Bulletin Board
  • Blue Anchor Bar Bulletin Board
  • Opportunity Bank
  • Library Bulletin Board
  • 3 Rivers Quick Stop

All bulletin boards are located outside so the agenda can be viewed twenty-four (24) hours a day.

Information for the agenda must be provided to the Town Clerk by noon the Friday before the Council Meeting (second Tuesday of the month) as the agenda must be approved by the Mayor prior to being posted.  The agenda will be posted by 3:00 pm on that Friday.  Any item received after 3:00 pm on the Friday prior to the council meeting, once the agenda has been posted will be post-poned to following months meeting.


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