Meter Reading

The meters for the water and wastewater services are read on a monthly basis, approximately around the 20th of each month.  Payment for services are due to the Town by the 10th of each month.  If payment is 30 days past due, the Town will send out a Shut-Off Notice to the account holder and payment will be required no later than the 15th in order to keep water services available. 

If your service is shut off there will be an additional turn on fee of $268.20 added to your bill.  The outstanding bill plus turn on fee must be paid in full before the service is turned back on.  If shut off happens you will still be responsible for a charge of $89.40 (base rate for water and sewer) a month.

According to Montana Code Annotated 7-13-4309, the Town has the right to place a tax levy against your property if we do not receive payment.

Neptune Meter