Business Licenses & Permits

The Town of Twin Bridges does require a business license for all persons or entities that are desiring to do business, carry on business, a trade, profession, or calling within the the limits of the Town.  The only exceptions to this are those individuals that are operating for non-profit, governmental enterprises, and woholesalers and freight companies.  The following is a list of fees for business licenses:

  • Medical Marijuana - $200.00 (See Town Ordinances)
  • Retailers of liquor and beeer/wine for consumption on the premise - $150.00
  • Banks and Loan Companies - $150.00
  • Retailers of liquor and beer/wine not for consumption on premise - $75.00
  • Retailers of beer/wine consumed on the premise -$75.00
  • General License - (Peddlers, vendors, businesses and miscellaneous; any occupation or profession not listed herein) - $25.00

All new business license applications, shall go before the Town Council for approval.

If you have any questions regarding a business license, please contact the Town Clerk at 406-684-5243.