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Prevent Sewer Backup


What goes down, may come up
Tips to prevent sewer backups during the COVID-19 era

The news is full of stories that show toilet paper shortages throughout the country, including shortages in the State of Montana. As a result, people may choose to use other products that aren’t meant to be flushed, such as baby wipes, paper napkins, or paper towels.

If you are running short on toilet paper and opt to use paper towels or wipes of any kind – even those marked “flushable” – please DO NOT FLUSH! You may think flushing a single paper towel or wipe each trip to the bathroom is not a big deal, but those flushes add up. Items other than toilet paper can clog the sewer. This can endanger public health and the environment. It can also cause damage to the sewage system and sewage treatment plant and damage your home or property. This damage is costly to you and the city. Remember, service lines from your house
to the sewer main are your responsibility. 

Instead of flushing paper towels or wipes, they must be thrown in the trash. To keep your home clean and healthy, remove the trash regularly and place it in a secure garbage bin outside.